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Author: Jochen Diehl, aka joeydee
Published on: March 2006
Game notes: Clean up the board. The tile you click on will not be affected. Direct neighbours will be inverted.
Press 'F12' for undo, 'i' for help information.

Author's age: 32
Location: Germany
Job: Print media design

Game dev

2.5 years
"Clean up" is an refreshing variation on the "three-in-a-row" theme. This puzzle game becomes quite challenging in a few levels which makes it very addictive. We also liked the ability to "undo" moves and the fact that levels are randomly generated, if you start over. Well done!
1 From joshbuhler
Added on August 18th, 2006 at 16:25

It looks good - I like the graphics and animations. Though, I didn\'t like being limited on moves to clear the board. I\'d prefer to lose bonus points for going over the click limit, and get bonuses for finishing under the limit, as opposed to having the game over.

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