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Help Thunder Thorvald in his quest in the land Naharagot. He will traverse forests, villages, and desert lands trying to free his lands from the presence of the evil creatures.

During his quest he will use his powers to fight those evil enemies:

» "Thunder Spheres": a special weapon that generate thunder flames in all directions.
Run away after activating a sphere or the flames will burn you!

» "Wall of Fire": will protect you from enemies and from the "Thunder Spheres".

» "Thunder Dragon": the dragon is invoked by a talisman you will find by exporing the maps.
Before the dragon strikes the land you will have to get in a safe place by enclosing yourself between "Wall of Fire" so that all exits around you are closed. This way the flames of the dragon won't hurt you and all enemies will be destroyed!

Extra bonuses will help Thunder Thorvald run faster and collect more vitality.


You control Thunder Thorvald with the Arrow Keys.

raise a "Wall of Fire"
drop a "Thunder Sphere" (you will need to collect them)


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