If you are upgrading an existing installation please follow these steps before proceeding:

1) Uninstall your old SmartFoxServer Lite
2) Uninstall the API components by using the Macromedia Extension Manager

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 (Installer)
Double click on the installer .exe file and follow the simple instructions.
Once the software is succesfully installed you will find a new folder in your Windows Start Menu called "SmartFoxServer Lite".
From there you will be able to run the server, install the client components and view the sample applications.

An uninstaller is provided to completely remove the software.

Linux, Unix and Mac OS X (.tar.gz)
To unpack the software open a terminal window and move to the folder where you have downloaded the file.
Type "gzip -d SmartFoxServerLite.tar.gz" to extract the .tar file
Type "tar xf SmartFoxServer.tar" to extract the files.
Go in the "SmartFoxServerLite/Server" folder and launch the "start.sh" shell file to start the server.

The "start.sh" should have the execution permissions set. In case you have problems launching it try setting the permissions like this: "chmod +x start.sh"

Installing Java
Please verify if you already have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.2 or higher, installed in your system.

If you need to upgrade please follow this link

Installing SmartFoxClient API for Flash

Go in your installation folder and open the "API Components" directory.
You will find two sub folders containing the Macromedia Flash Extension files:

» flash_mx:

SmartFoxClient.mxp: AS 1.0 API for Flash MX

» flash_mx2004:

SmartFoxClient_AS1.mxp: AS 1.0 API for Flash MX 2004
SmartFoxClient_AS2.mxp: AS 2.0 API for Flash MX 2004

Double click the appropriate file and follow the simple instructions to install the component. After the installation you will be able to use the client API by adding this line of code at the very beginning of your Actionscript:

#include "SmartFoxClient.as" for AS 1.0 version component or
import it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver.* for AS 2.0 version component

In case you need to upgrade your Macromedia Extension Manager please download the latest version.

Installation notes

Connecting to the server
Simple Chat part 1
Simple Chat part 2
Advanced Chat part 1
Advanced Chat part 2
Avatar Chat
Sending Objects
Board game part 1
Board game part 2

SmartFoxServer BASIC tutorials :
Custom Login
Room Variables
Buddy List
Advanced Board Game

SmartFoxServer PRO tutorials :
Introduction to Extensions
Simple Extension
Simple Database Extension
Advanced Db Extension
Login Extension
Realtime Maze
Java objects in Actionscript
SmartForTris PRO

» ASwing Simple Chat
by Firdosh Tangri
» Multiplayer Letter Game
by Chris Lindsey (aka DebuggerCLL)
» Game Programming Patterns
by Zack Booth Simpson
» XML Sockets: the basics of multiplayer games
by Marco Lapi, a.k.a Lapo

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