Case study: building a puzzle game using AS3 and OOP
by Eitan Avgil
Learn how to create a simple "match the colors" puzzle game using OOP techniques in Actionscript 3
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  Tile layout in AS3
by Eitan Avgil
How to make a tile based layout in AS3 using OOP architecture.
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  Data Structures: Linked List
by baczy a.k.a Michael Baczynski
An interesting trip in the world of data structures. The tutorial will guide you through the inner w...
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  Building MMO Virtual Worlds
by Marco Lapi, a.k.a Lapo
An in-depth article about building advanced multi-player virtual worlds in Flash, talking about arch...
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  AStar 3D prototype
by Paul Spitzer
An Actionscript 3.0 implementation of the A* algorithm in 3D
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  Skeletal Animations
by Jochen Diehl, aka joeydee
An interesting tutorial showing how to create an impressive skeletal-animated human character
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  Fisix Trucks prototype
by Nicolas Lierman
An interesting trucks-like prototype showing off the capabilities of the Actionscript 3 Fisix engine...
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  Efficient A* path finder
by Neodroid
A function library to make an efficient A* pathfinding:very adaptable to any kind of tile games and ...
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  Isometric engine
by Chris Lindsey (aka DebuggerCLL)
This is a simple isometric environment with movement example. It was inspired by the lack of easy-to...
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  Game creation tutorial
by Emanuele Feronato
This is the first part of a long step-by-step article that will guide you through the entire process...
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