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Panda Park
Author: Andreas Zecher, Martin Eichhorn, Elisabeth Moch
Published on: August 2006
Game notes: Panda Park is a fast-paced two-player game with fresh and unique gameplay ideas: a set of different rules and goals that can be changed by the players to their own advantage while the game is actually running. It was originally designed for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance and produced as a playable Flash version.

Author's age: n/a
Location: Potsdam & Cologne (Germany)
Job: Students / Freelancer

Game dev

Andreas Zecher and Martin Eichhorn are both students of communications design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and have worked together on a couple of webgames, including a racing game for Varta Consumer Batteries. In winter of 2005/06 Andreas has attended a semester abroad at the University of Design and Art in Zurich, Switzerland in the Game Design school program. Prevoius to his studies, he has worked at the creative agency Fork Unstable Media in Hamburg as an junior designer in digital media for over one year. Martin has focused on creating motion graphics, graphic design, music and sound. He is co-founder of the berlin-based music label Sinnbus Records. Elisabeth Moch studies communations design at the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf and is mainly focused on illustration and graphic design.

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