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Snake Coil
Author: Aqeel Ahmad
Published on: December 2005
Game notes: Throw the colored balls against the snake: if three or more segments of the same color are adjacent, they disappear and the snake shrinks; otherwise its length increases... don't let it reach the eggs!

Author's age: 27
Location: Pakistan
Job: Game programmer

Game dev

2 years
If you have enjoyed games like "Puzzle Loop", "Zuma" or "Luxor" you will definately have to give Snake Coil a try. Based on a similar concept you will have to throw the colored balls at the snake to avoid that it reaches the eggs.
The ability to precisely choose the position where the colored balls will fall will help you a little but the difficulty level is already high at the very beginning and it will take some practice to pass the first level.
Maybe an easier progression in the difficulty level might help.
In the end Snake Coil is a very well done game and it will make you waste some time if you like the genre.

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